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Enjoy a new start with a results-based fitness and health program that will change your life!

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Do you need extra accountability?  1:1 coaching will help you reach your goals while building healthy habits.


Work with our nutrition coach to get a custom nutrition plan for your lifestyle and fitness and health goals.

group classes

Choose from one of our class programs to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve endurance.


You will be given support throughout your fitness and health journey. You’re not alone!

The problem is most gyms are...


You have no idea where to start, how to get results, and how to get help.


It's scary to start a new fitness program and feel like the "new kid on the block."


You do the same thing everyday–it's boring and you aren't seeing results.


Our results based approach takes all the guesswork away by giving you everything you need to improve the way you look, feel, and perform.

Stop wasting time…

Develop healthy eating habits and get great workouts in a safe, clean and friendly environment.


Meet with a coach

Sit down with our professional staff to talk about your fitness goals.

get a custom plan

Get a custom plan that is designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind.

get results

Get fitter than you have ever been with your new outlook on health.


I have been at LAC for about 2 months. I had been on a couple years fitness hiatus and taking that first step back was so hard. I was greeted by amazing coaches and workout friends who keep me accountable and motivated. The coaches really work hard to help you find the right scale to push yourself but not get discouraged. I can’t recommend LAC enough if you are thinking about trying CrossFit, or getting back to it.

Shannon D.

My first visit and I was impressed with everything about this gym. Excellent trainers, really good space, clean, and a great hit fit class (also a first for me). The class was a stretch for me, as my fitness level isn’t what I’d like it to be before tackling this workout, but Mike got me through it and made sure I did all the moves correctly. I highly recommend this gym, and will go back.

Sherin S.

Forget about going to your big box globo gym. CFL is a wonderful place composed of people of all ages and experience levels that push and support one another. The staff is friendly and HIGHLY knowledgable and are interested in taking your fitness to the next level.

Jae C.
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