Our mission is to create an experience that will inspire and educate individuals who have chosen a journey to better their quality of life.

personalized programming
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This program combines the perfect blend of strength training and fat-burning cardio. For this 1-hour class, you could be working on pull-ups, rowing, burpees, and much more. Every workout is different so you never get bored! We scale each workout to your fitness level, so you get the maximum workout every time so that you can get in, get moving, and get results!


Short for High Intensity Interval Training, laxHIIT is a lightning-fast, 45-minute workout that is designed to increase your strength while keeping your cardio conditioning peaked with lighter weights and simpler movements. Perfect for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. You’ll be in and out in 45-minutes . . . guaranteed!


lacGO gives our members the option to get a kickass workout from the comfort of their own home. These workouts require minimal equipment and minimal space. Maybe you’re not ready to come into a gym yet or you’re just plain busy as hell and only have time to get a quick burn on in the garage. Cool, then this is the workout program for you!

Personal Training

In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find the time to get regular exercise. So it’s important to make the most of the time you have. Lakeland Athletic Club offers a wide range of personal workout programs to help you achieve your ideal body. Your personal trainer will develop an exercise regimen suited specifically for you, whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight.

Skill Sessions

CrossFit involves several different movements. Some we’re good at and some we need work on. If you have a particular skill or exercise that you want to improve on, one of our coaches will work with you one-on-one to help develop progressions toward perfecting that movement/skill. These are 30-minutes sessions.


Yoga is a great complement to our CrossFit training because Yoga helps increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance — all things you’ll need to get the most out of your CrossFit workouts! Enjoy the mind-body connection that Yoga brings so you can tune into your body and relax your mind. Coming Soon!

Personalized Programming

If you’re someone who is looking for that personal touch to your daily workout, try our Personalized Programming option. Our experienced certified coaches will custom design a program tailored around your personal goals that offers you the flexibility to do your workout anytime from anywhere.  If you’re local, you can do them daily right in our gym.

lacKIDS (Currently Unavailable)

Tired of watching our kids melting away in front of screens? We were too!!! So we set out to create a fun and interactive class for our children. At Lakeland Athletic Club’s newest program “lacKIDS” our Professional Youth Coach certified staff are ready to show kids the importance of wellness and fitness they will take with them the rest of their lives.

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