It was the first weekend in June.  And our very own Head Coach, Jordan Christie,  was headed to West Palm Beach to compete in her first CrossFit Games Regionals.  Which for us, means it was a not-to-be missed event for our staff and members. 

So, close to 40 CFLer’s made the almost 3 hour trip to West Palm Beach for the Atlantic Regionals to cheer her on, and as an extra bonus, WPB isn’t a bad place to grab some good food and drinks with all of our good people from CFL. 

So cheer we did, and on to the nightlife it was.  While Coach Jo was tucked away in her room at night recovering from the days workouts and getting ready for what the next day was going to bring, the rest of us were out celebrating her amazing accomplishments. 

Not enough words can describe how proud we all were to see Jo standing under the lights and on the stage of the CrossFit Games Regionals, a goal that she has worked so long and hard for.  The long hours in the gym, countless hours spent at recovery services in order to survive and compete at that level, and the sacrifices that need to be made socially.  It’s not nothing!!  That’s for sure. 

Even though she may not have gotten the results she wanted in regards to her performance, you can bet it made her hungrier than ever to get back next year and have her chance at a slice of redemption.  In the meantime though, she’ll enjoy a slice of pizza or five and oh yeah, throw her a couple of beers because it’s been a while and she earned them. 

Until next year we say, and we can’t wait!  Jo can’t either.  It was an event that brought several of us together for a great weekend.  A community event that we can certainly get used to on an annual basis… no pressure Jo ;), we love you!