Different workouts will require a different approach.  For those that have been through our doors enough times to experience the daily WOD (workout of the day) they will develop a mindset on how to approach each days tasks set before them.  What intensity to work at, loads to use, how to break up repetitions, that sort of thing. 

A 5-Minute AMRAP vs. a 20-Minute AMRAP will require completely different levels of intensity.  Approaching a “chipper” style workout where you will see several exercises with a high number of repetitions vs. 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters/Pull-Ups will also be two very different levels of intensity. 

How to break up repetition requirements into manageable sets based on your abilities is also something you need to think about.  For example:  If there are 50 reps of Kettlebell Swings, and you are proficient in doing them, you may think about doing two sets of 25.  Conversely, if there are 50 reps of Pull-Ups and that’s your goat, then you may consider doing 5 sets of 10 reps.

Assigning loads to be used is another consideration.  Too light and it might be too easy, too heavy and you may not finish the workout or perform the movement(s) with proper form and technique.  Misfiring either one will not give you the proper stimulus the workout is asking for.  These are all things that are discussed in our “Whiteboard Briefs” before workouts. 

“Mindset” is a topic that we talk about with our new members on their last day of their On-Ramp program.   Scenarios like… At some point during workouts you’ll start to talk yourself into situations and you’ll listen to those little voices I like to call “Demons” in the back of your head that tell you  “you can’t go harder”… “you need to rest”… “this is too hard, stop”… And then you’ll begin negotiating or bargaining with yourself… “Ok, if I back off a little bit I’ll finish with this time and I’ll be happy with that”… “I’ll do 10 reps instead of 15, then I’ll rest”… sound familiar?  We all do it.  It’s just a matter of talking yourself out of it and pushing on.  It’s part of what separates the type of workouts you do versus those that others may do at a big box type of gym. 

Workouts are not just workouts for the body.  It’s about mind and body.  Know what your body is capable of and push a little harder.  The Navy SEALs call it the 40% rule.  When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done. 

^^^That’s me at 40%.  Point is, get it dialed in mentally.  Have a plan on how to complete the wod and try to stick with it.  The great Mike Tyson once said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.  And make no mistake about it, you will get punched in the mouth more than once during some workouts.  It’s what you do about it that matters the most.  You can listen to those demons or you can punch them back?!  

You do this and you’ll come out the other end with a smile on your face.  Why?  Because you know you had a plan, a strategy, and you did your best to execute it. And then you reward yourself.  High fives, cheers and beers with your friends.