Not long ago, during one of our staff meetings we came up with the idea to hold an internal box competition between CFL members only.  It would match teams of two against each other, competing in different divisions, to claim bragging rights for a year as Top Box Team Champs.  And so 2016 was our inaugural event, and it has now become our biggest annual event that our members look forward to every year. 

The idea is to do this as kind of a thank you to our athletes for their commitment and support as a valued part of our community.  We follow up the event with BBQ and BEER as we toast to a morning of hard work by our athletes and to our volunteers and staff that donated their Saturday morning to see that this annual event runs smoothly. 

So on Saturday, May 19th our community came together once again to throw down.  We roll out the red carpet and do team pics, encouraging everyone to coordinate a type of “team uniform”.  It’s part morale boost, part “lets not take ourselves too seriously today and have fun!”

The morning began with a triplet that brought a movement from this year’s CrossFit Open, the Dumbbell Hang Clean + Push Press.    Some remembered it, most had tried to forget about it.  But we love to bring back the classics and anything that has been in the OPEN is an instant classic.  

And because our members hate it, which means I love it, WOD #2 introduced the Assault Bike for the first time in the competition.  It left more than one lying on the floor after giving it their all!

Fun for everyone I say, but in all seriousness it is fun to watch teams working together, coming up with different strategies, and high five-ing after a job well done by each. 

And then comes the podium finishers.  1st Place teams get their names engraved on a plaque that hangs in they gym year round for all to see.  Pretty much a free pass to bragging rights until the next years event. 

Building a community of folks that like to work hard and play hard together has been a goal of ours since the beginning.  This event is just one of several events that we hold throughout the year to bring everyone together. 

We’d like to thank our local sponsors for helping us raise money to not only support this event but to help raise funds that go directly back into the gym through equipment and facility upgrades.   We are forever grateful and very humbled by the outpouring of support and kindness.

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